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What You Must Know About Data Center Backup Power

Any faults in data center designs can be quite costly. Here is everything you ought to understand when it comes to data center power distribution. About 36 percent of data center failures occur due to power failures. Considering these are where your key computer systems are located, even a small power interruption could prove devastating to your firm. You stand to lose a lot of work due to downtime, and you may also have to deal with dissatisfied customers when you cannot get their data, or they cannot reach you. Furthermore, you may lose critical data because of the crash. Thirty-six percent is an astonishingly great number; even with quality data center power distribution, it my still happen to you. You cannot prevent a power failure from occurring. However, what you can do is get ready for one to minimize your loses. In the post, we will discuss a few factors about data center power distribution you ought to know about.

You ought to be careful or you could end up with inadequate or too much power for your needs. So it would be a good thought to take time and determine exactly how much power your data center will need for backup early on to prevent making costly errors. One of the major errors that people usually make is letting their needs on the nameplate power rating on their serves dictate their decisions. In most practical cases, the servers will only utilize roughly fifty percent of their CPU capacity at a given moment. So if your backup power calculations are according to nameplate power ratings, you result in spending a lot more than what you actually require. The perfect way to go about this is to read your data center’s past power usage. Of course, you ought to get a great solution that yields a little more compared to your previous maximum usage, but not necessarily going overboard.
A decent backup system should have a few points of failure designed into it. If not, you risk having your whole backup system fail. An excellent way out is to utilize two power distribution unis in your backup system. This will astronomically reduce the chances of your whole power system going down.

Guarantee that you carefully go through the equipment you settle for to suit your backup system. You could find yourself with a system that provides much more power than what you precisely need, or even end up with one that will overwork your uninterruptible power supply (UPS). To prevent tripping your UPS, be sure you read through your servers’ documentation carefully and pick an option that is well-suited with the equipment you have. It should be the right equipment for the job.

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